The Sorts of Qualifications You Need to Have, In Order to be Able to Repair a Porsche

You need to have certain qualifications, in order to be able to repair a Porsche — or any other good car, for that matter.

If, for instance, you have an associate degree in automotive engineering, then you may find Porsche owners being comfortable with the idea of you repairing their beloved toys. Of course, with a four year degree, in automotive engineering, you’d be expected to be more than qualified. However, in most cases, folks with 4-year automotive engineering degrees are expected to be working in design and other more sophisticated roles.

If, in another example, you happen to have a very good certification as a mechanic, even without an associate degree in automotive engineering, you may still have what it takes to repair a Porsche.

We could also be looking at a case where, instead of formal training, you have worked your way up through apprenticeships. But even in this case, you probably still need to have some papers to certify your skills, before people can trust you well enough to have you repair their Porsches.

In carrying out computer-based diagnostics on the Porsche, you may run into difficulties with the computer itself: making it necessary for you to go to a site like in order to obtain help from the Logmein123 system that is described on that site. The same would apply, even if you were trying to carry out computer-based diagnostics for a cheaper vehicle, such as Subaru or Chevrolet.

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