Can You Use a Credit Card to Buy a Porsche?

I have always wondered if someone is able to use a credit card to buy a Porsche. The purpose of a credit card is like the cardholder having access to loans. Most people credit card limits are in hundreds to tens of thousands. Those people that have like hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt has more than 1 credit card. The credit card can be from different card issuers such as Capital One, Discover and others. For a card holder to have hundreds of thousand of dollars in credit, that means that the person’s has a good paying job or her net worth can speak on her behalf.

The people I believe that can buy a Porsche with a credit card are the Black card holders. The black card holders have to spend $250,000 a year. It isn’t easy spending that amount expect you buy designers clothes or take trips overseas. But using the card to buy a Porsche will get you to the $250,000 a year spending limit quickly.

But for those Porsche lovers that wants to buy a Porsche with a credit card, they can use the cards they already have, or apply for credit cards using or With the card, they will pay some amount of the car; and use their checking account to cover the rest or apply for a loan from the car dealer.

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